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A different way of spending time, our first staircase of locks / En anden form for tidsfordriv, vores først sluse trappe. Reklamer

1743 km total 10 km på slæb / dragged behind a boat 23 Landdage / days on land 77 dage på vandet / days on the water 22,6 km. pr. dag på vandet i gennemsnit. / Averaged per day on the water. 45 min. Korteste dag på vandet / shortest day on the water 10.46 Længest dag på vandet / Longest day on the water 3 tunneler / tunnels 64 sluser /… Læs mere

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This is how Erik welcome us, thanks for a nice evening!! The next day we had breakfast at there house and afterwards Erik and his wife Annie came with us the next 4 km in the kayak and gave us lunch in Givet. I had trouble kayaking the next 15 km, to much food and maybe a little to much to drink 🙂

Enkelte dag med hel dags regn, hvor de bare har fungeret 100 %…

I Holland har mødet med befolkningen været den store oplevelse / Holland has been all about meeting people…