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Tak for alt den opbakning vi har modtaget i 2014


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A little longer story about the day I hurt my back: After some really nice days in Genova, we continued on the first good weather day. The target was Portofino, but the wind died and after an hour of sailing we had to paddle the rest of the day. Coming into the small port of Bogliasco, we pulled the kayaks up the steep beach…

Vi vil kommer tilbage og fortsætte vores tur i løbet af 2-4 uger…

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Our first bit of Italian fame!! Vores først italienske interview!!

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We are staying her in Genova a couple of days, because of the weather and we were invited to their Chrismas Regatta. Were I made a little presentation about our trip. We got to sit at the Presidents table for lunch and got the clubs logo, plus flags, T-shirts, stickers and Chrismas cake. 🙂 We have our own room, in the clubhouse and have…

The Movie fra Frankrig og Monaco er lidt lang, men det tog os også 4 måneder og vi rejse 1568 km… 🙂