Broken Back Break

Kun på engelsk desværre…

Life is GOOD follow us

A little longer story about the day I hurt my back:

After some really nice days in Genova, we continued on the first good weather day. The target was Portofino, but the wind died and after an hour of sailing we had to paddle the rest of the day.

Coming into the small port of Bogliasco, we pulled the kayaks up the steep beach with some help from a local fisherman and put up the tent just before sunset. Found the local pizza joint – we were too tired to make food. Sometimes pulling up the kayaks on land feels like more work then the whole day kayaking.

The next day we tried to get an early start, but like on most days people are interested in meeting us and it always takes longer. We got a free coffee and hot chocolate in the Sailing Club before departure. On the…

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