First day back in pictures! / Første dag tilbage i billeder! / Eerste dag term in foto’s

Life is GOOD follow us

DSC_1100 Woke up this morning in the tent of the sailing school of Santa Margherita, in 4 degrees / Vågnede her i morges in Santa Margherita sejlklubs telt, kun 4 grader varmt / Wakker worden in de tent van de zeilschool van Santa Margherita, 4 graden.

DSC_1121 Beautiful day and coast line / Smuk dag og kystlinje / Prachtige dag en kustlijn.

DSC_1141 Lesson of the day: the movement of the earth / Dagens lektion: Jordens bevægelser / Les van vandaag: beweging van de aarde.

Tiuris TV, rep af kajak : Fixing the kayak A rowing boat came out to welcome us / Robåd kom ud for at tage imod os / Een roeiboot kwam ons gedag zeggen.

DSC_1148 In Moneglia we had the whole town welcoming us!! / I Moneglia fik vi en kæmpe modtagelse / In Moneglia kwam het hele dorp ons welkom heten!!

HPIM1161.JPG Ivano, on the left, has arranged it all, in the middle you see the major 🙂 /…

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One thought on “First day back in pictures! / Første dag tilbage i billeder! / Eerste dag term in foto’s

  1. This a very good news. That means everything is ok with Lars and his back now. So the adventure will restart again and we will have the great pleasure to follow you every days ! Life is good ! I hope temperature will become good as fare as you go south now day after day. See you in Istanbul and many wishes for the success.

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