Railblaza – Hold everything!

You might have noticed the attachments on our kayaks, holding the cameras, GPS, Fishing’s rods, flags and so on, it’s all made by Railblaza, a great system. We attached their system on the kayaks before starting the trip.

The great thing about Railblaza is that you can move things around, which we do all the time, as long as you have an attachment point any Railblaza holder will fit in it.

On this expedition we have:

2 x Gps holder

2 x Tablet holder

4 x Platforms where we can attach cameras, but can also be used for other things, like a Mascot 🙂

1 x Fishing rod holder

1 x Flag / extension pole


Making the first holes in our brand-new kayak just a few days old was mentally a difficult task. But the job was easy and with out any problem.




The Gps holder has a good grip on our Garmin GPS and you can move the elastic that holds it into place. So that you can have a clear view of the screen. The only thing we are missing is the possibility to set it side ways, because of the way we put the mount. It is still possible to get it sitting side ways and it doesn’t have the groves like in the horizontal direction.

DSC_0025 e


The tablets holders have worked fine and we have also been using them in the tent for movie nights on rainy days.

VIRB Picture


The platforms have a nice size; we have been able to attach either our small Garmin VIRB action camera or our big Nikon SLR on it. They can be moved around and tilted in all directions and they hold firmly in place, even with at big SLR.



The flag/extension pole is in use all the time. Mostly as a flag holder, but we also attach the VIRB actions camera on top (here the SLR is to big) and use it in on one of the mounts. Or as an extension of your hand.


VIRB Picture


The fishing rod holder works well, ones the rod is in place it doesn’t come out thanks to the top locking mechanism. It is also easy to use and my kids can do it by themself.

Also used for other things then fishing


One day we used the system for something is not made for, but it worked well


We also have a set of wheels The C-TUG with us, also made by Railblaza. Till now we only needed them twice. Our kayaks where very heavy loaded when we used the wheels, so in the soft sand it didn’t work, but for the rest it was fine.


We can only give thumps up, we are 6 months into our trip and everything still works. 🙂 We have only broken one tablet holder, but that happened during storage inside the kayak.


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